About Dr. Paul Spencer


Qualifications and Experience

I have been involved with psychology for many years. During a 20-year career as a Navy Commander and captain of three Royal Australian Navy ships l learnt practical skills about human behaviors, performance, leadership, management and values such as team work, honesty and respect. This experience provided a pathway to pursue formal university psychology training on completion of my full time military service.

This study at the University of Newcastle over a period of eight years allowed me to gain the formal knowledge, skills and abilities to practice as a clinical psychologist. I have subsequently worked in a number of psychology-related settings including my work as a consultant in Human Factors. I have worked in a state government Adult Mental Health Team, a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team, and in Private Practice. Additionally, for a five-year period during study I was a Lifeline volunteer helping people in crisis. My doctoral thesis was in the area of adolescent refugee psychosocial adjustment. As an NDIS Provider since 2013 I continue to provide disability supports to the local community.


Confidential and effective

I see my role as helping people in need to overcome the 'roadblocks' or 'obstacles' that are impacting upon them achieving their goals. With the sessions tailored to meet the individual's needs my focus includes encouraging them to develop their own skills that help with the current problems, and built resilience and symptom relapse prevention.


Personal approach

In my 50's I have had my share of personal challenges, and I am married to a medical doctor and we have two young children. I have extensive experiences with helping people across a broad age-range, diverse ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic situations, and gender differences to overcome their personal, psychological and social problems such as; depression and mood problems, behavioural problems, anxiety, loss and grief, trauma, relationship difficulties including libido differences, parenting help and a range of mental health difficulties