General low mood, feeling sad, overwhelming guilt, mood swings, crying episodes, blackouts, lack of enjoyment and pleasure, withdrawal, helplessness, lifelessness, loss of libido, lack of motivation, anger outbursts, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder.


Recurrent patterns in relationships, difficulty finding and maintaining relationships, poor communications, commitment problems, trust issues, changing differences in libido throughout relationship, domestic violence, anger and aggressive partners, work, family and partner balance, managing family relationships, collaborative problem-solving, acceptance an commitment.

Work/People Stress

Managing difficult colleagues, assertiveness, boundaries, bullying, harassment, peer pressure, performance concerns, job satisfaction, motivation, communication and social skills development.


Exposure to war or war-like Service, loss, injury, assault, experience, witnessing or hearing about traumatic events, post-traumatic stress and acute stress problems, avoidance, hyperarousal, and re-experiencing of the trauma.


Panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive, agoraphobia, separation fears, injury fears, generalised anxiety, public speaking and examination performance fears, acute stress reactions, post-traumatic stress, avoidance, fears, body reactions, hyperventilation, fainting, reexperiencing, flashback, nightmares.


Reducing stress and tension, being aware of thinking patterns, understanding the impact of anger responses on self and others, learning techniques to maintain anger and other emotional responses within adaptive limits, causes of anger, links with depression, and drugs and alcohol, performance demands, relationship matters.

Refugee Issues

Cultural change, child and parent issues, acculturation, loneliness, trauma, loss, pre-peri and post-migration experiences, school and work challenges.