During normal developtment teens are exposed to situations that challenge their ability to cope.  Problems that include anxiety are common when confronted with school, home and social changes that inevitably occur. Anxiety may be due to separation, school commencement, performance concerns such as public speaking and examinations, fears of injury, trauma and acute stress reactions, heights, insects and bullies.

Peer Problems

Social communications and social skills, autism and asperger's disorders, gender pressures, group pressures, consumerism demands, body image, tolerance and adaptability.

Family Breakdown

Adjusting to separated parents, increasing resilience during the transition, managing change, loss and separation, re-building relationships, dealing with problems as they arise, and minimizing stress on the children.

Support for Mental Diagnoses

Parenting support, collaborative problem-solving, Autistic Spectrum disorder support, mood and anxiety, learning difficulties, intellectual disabilities, illness, loss and grief, trauma exposure, abuse, alcohol and drugs dependencies.